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Jena Malone Offered Role in 'Catching Fire'


It’s one of the hottest trilogies in the making and according to recent reports, Jena Malone may have her hands on a role in “Catching Fire.”

The “Sucker Punch” beauty may be playing the role of Johanna Mason in the anticipated “Hunger Games” sequel, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter this afternoon (July 3).

The role of is a large contributor in the film and is thrown in to the “Quarter Quell” along with Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence and Peeta Mellark, played by Josh Hutcherson.

Although Mason enjoys some of the best one-liners and wit in the Suzanne Collins novel, her first appearance finds her stripping out of her tribute costume in an effort to make Lawrence’s character uncomfortable.

Filming is expected to begin in September.

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