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Heather Morris Nude Photos Surface After Cell Phone Hacking

What’s that, Unicorn? Heather Morris was probably possessed by the spirit of her less-than-genius alter-ego Brittany S. Pierce when she snapped nude pics of herself and sent them to someone? Maybe. I mean, we’re not the devoted investigators who endeavored to prove that those are Olivia Munn’s privates that were leaked from a hacked phone last week, so we don’t really feel qualified to judge whether these latest photos are all of the Glee star.

But we’ll make a few points so that you can come to your own conclusions:

    Some of the photos, in which she’s wearing some clothing, are obviously Heather. She’s even wearing her costume from last year’s Britney Spears episode in one of them.

    Heather’s got a slamming body, which she’s got no reason to hide.

    She was definitely the model for these professionally shot nude photos that leaked in 2010. One of those is even a similar pose to a recent one.

    She has yet to come out and deny that the pics are of her.

    On the other hand, when you look at the uncensored pics over on Celebslam, you may notice that the fully nude pic with her face in it is at a weird angle that makes it look Photoshopped.

    The other nudes have no head.

    The nudes are in a different room from the rest, and are the only ones that were taken by a webcam 

 instead of a phone.

So, what do you think?

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