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Tattoo Pictures of Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), for example. Rocker sensational artists who is married to sexy pamela anderson heather loclaer and this has a lot of tattoos. Tattoo was the most amazing thing is a letter that read "Mayhem" that adorn the belly. Tommy body as if addicted to ask for intake tato.dikedua left arm almost no original skin color. Back and both thighs were tattooed with a large size. In fact not lost on her neck tattoo. Tommy's tattoo inspiration also involves a second ex-wife. When he married pamela, a symbol of their marriage is not a ring or a diamond, but a tattoo, the expression of their love expressed by her partner's name tattooed. Pamela makes a tattoo "tom" on his finger, while Tommy makes a tattoo "pam" in the secret place. Unfortunately, their love of travel has to end. Pamela tommy divorced in 1998. Reportedly, Pamela had to replace the tattoo "tom" with "mom"

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