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3 Celebrity Hotel Drama Stories


If you have turned on the news lately, you’ve probably been surprised to hear commentary about the latest celebrity meltdown over the status of the nation. It seems that everyone is now an expert in the

various celebrity lives. As a country we have become enamored with all things celebrity and it appears that we just can’t get enough. The sad truth is that the more we crave attention from these celebrities, the more we intrude on their lives. Sometimes it is hard for us to believe that they are actually just normal people like us. The only difference between us and them is that our every move is not documented for people to judge. We cheer along with their triumphs and stay glued to our seats when they go down a downward spiral. Luckily for the tabloids, many celebrities are breaking down and doing it very publicly. Hollywood hotels are now the hotspot for the top celebrity meltdowns.

Whitney Houston

When you think about a woman who had one of the best voices ever, then you probably think of Whitney. Growing up in New Jersey she had a passion for singing and her faith. You could find her singing with her church choir and belting out the high notes at an impressive age. So impressive in fact that Clive Davis knew to sign her immediately when he heard her voice. With talent in her blood, she began to set records in the music industry and her career took off. Throughout her career she was a model, singer, and an actress. At the height of her fame she met Bobby Brown. In the early ’90s they married and things appeared to change for the girl who was once on top of her game. After years of allegations of drug abuse and violence, the pair separated and it looked like Whitney was poised for a comeback. Earlier this year, Whitney flew to Hollywood to prepare for the Grammys. She was seen throughout the events and was expected to perform at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy Awards party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Shortly before the even occurred, Whitney was discovered in her hotel bathroom unconscious. She was later pronounced dead of an accidental drowning, heart disease, and traces of cocaine.

Lindsay Lohan

Growing up the oldest of four children, Lindsay started her career at the ripe age of three. She was signed on as a Ford Model and appeared in hundreds of print ads and commercials. After a brief stint in the soap opera genre, Lindsay got her first major role in Disney’s The Parent Trap . Following her debut, Lindsay went on to star in several movies and even recorded two albums. In 2007, her career was forever changed when she was arrested for driving under the influence. The next five years resulted in numerous arrests and rehab trips for the young star. In March of 2012 it appeared that Lohan’s Legal troubles were finally behind her. She was allowed to resume her life as normal and everyone thought her career would start making a comeback. However, it appears that everyone spoke a little too soon. In April, Lindsay was involved in a nightclub fight at the Standard Hotel.. Though she was involved in the shoving, drink-throwing scene, Lindsay swears that she did nothing wrong.

Amanda Bynes

With a career that mirrors Lindsay Lohan’s, it should be no surprise that Amanda Bynes is now having a meltdown of Lindsay proportions. In fact, the similarities are so prevalent that Amanda just couldn’t help herself in getting into trouble at the same Standard Hotel. Amanda started in stage productions and then made the move in the ’90s to become Nickelodeon’s it girl. While with the network, she appeared on two separate shows before finally getting her own sketch comedy show. In 2002 she made her box office debut and continued making movies until 2009. Throughout this time she also appeared in the television show What I Like About You. Throughout her career Amanda has been quoted speaking out about the dangers of being a young Hollywood star. She recognized that the lifestyle was not appealing and could only lead to trouble. Perhaps she should go back and read her previous views about the Hollywood club scene. In April, Amanda was pulled over and charged with a DUI after she clipped a cop car leaving the Standard hotel club. To add insult to injury, she returned to party again the next night and security refused to let her into the bar. Amanda maintains her innocence and cites emotion issues for her behavior lately.

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