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Lindsay Lohan impressing p*rn star in The Canyons


James Deen has been heaping praise on his movie co star, who seems to have found her feet again.

It seems that Lindsay Lohan has found her calling – playing a p*rn star in her new film The Canyons.

The troubled star has been wowing co-star James Deen – an actual p*rn star – and director Paul Schrader with her turn on the set of the film.

Just to elaborate though, they have been commenting mainly on the star’s turning of a new leaf, which has seen her turning up on time, having input into the filming and generally doing all the things she has failed to do for a very long time.

Adding to that, Deen wrote in his blog, “My favorite part of the day was sitting with Lindsay Lohan (who is amazing) and our director Paul Schrader (who is also amazing) and planning out how we would shoot our love scenes in the movie. Doing p*rn is easy," he continued. "(But) the s*x scenes in the movie are obviously not particularly s*xual scenes. They are plot driven story intensive scenes. The point of all this is that the three of us talked about how each shot was going to go and the choreography of each scene. We talked for a long time about it and even used props."

According to director Schrader, Lohan was not first choice for the role but he gave her a chance as long as she did a screen test and took a huge paycut compared to some of her previous work.

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