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Sizzling Animal Print Nail Wraps by Kooky


It's not breaking news that nail art wraps pose as the ultimate fuss-free technique to the perfectly manicure. If you're ready to give your nails an instant style-over without having to put your skills to the test, check out Kooky's sizzling animal print nail wraps and pick your favorites!

Just like the fashion and beauty world, the nail art scene is affected by trends, and the hottest trend to try this summer is sizzling animal print motifs. Because rocking trendy nails isn't just about color, style and texture, but innovation also, we're bringing into your attention the products that rocked the nail art scene.

Nail wraps, the nail art products that took the nail art world by surprise a couple of years back, are still causing a stir as nothing seems to beat their perfection. Created with the word easy-to-use in mind, these products can be a perfect option for everyone, whether nail art newbie or nail art pro.

There are numerous brands on the market nowadays that specialize in nail wraps, but one of the brands that captured our attention with its diversity and sizzling animal print nail wraps is Kooky, and since exotic prints are a huge hit this season when it comes to fashion and beauty, we though it would be great to introduce to you the amazing exotic nail wrap patterns from Kooky nails. 


Nail wraps are the products that make prepping your nails to perfection a blast, and as a vast array of gorgeous patterns, prints, colors and the innovative texture dominate the nail art scene, choosing the perfect design will be super fun. Numerous styles will win you over as you're searching for the motif that suits your personality and style, but if you wish to underline your personality and penchant for fashion and interest in new trends, browse through the brand's selection of animal print wraps and pick your favorites.

This is the season to let go of any inhibitions and let your digits complete your style. Bring out your inner wild side with these uber-seductive nail wraps featuring innovative hues such as light, sky blue, red, gold, pink, black, orange, you name it. Depending on what you're searching for, whether it's a cool cheetah, leopard, snakeskin or zebra print, there is a color combo to suit your needs. The metallic finish gives the nails a deluxe allure while the perfectly symmetric print displayed on the nail wraps will make sure every nail is as hot as the next one.

The wraps can be easily applied on the nail without heat, meaning you'll be able to style your nails to perfection everywhere you go. Just remove shine, sanitize and dehydrate the nail to ensure a better adherence, apply the 'sticker' and cut out the edges. It's as easy as that!

A sheet of 16 different size nail wraps signed Kooky Nails retails for $5, so give them a try and find out if they're the perfect option to get instant fab nails!


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