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9 Lessons from Madewell's Stylist on Pairing Color and Stripes


Did you girls see Madewell's 'How to Mix Well' lookbook? You didn't? It's time you take a peek, especially if you need a little inspiration for your outfits. Check out these useful lessons in the art of pairing colors and stripes coming from the brand's stylist, Lisa, and get ready to win the spotlight!

Oh how we love Madewell's 'How to Mix Well' lookbook! Now, if you need a little inspiration for your outfits, have a nosey at some useful lessons in the art of pairing colors and stripes coming from the brand's stylist, Lisa.

Dress up your boots

Wear your favorite rugged, low-key and just plain cool pair of boots with a beautiful, silk gallery-stripe boulevard dress and a lovely striped cardigan with elbow patches. Well, you can also add a special touch to your overall look with a pair of bookshop glasses such as the ones spotted in Madewell's first eyeglass collection. Hot, hot, hot!!! The brand's stylist advises us to "keep the stripe theme going and let them peek out of ankle boots."

Multiply your stripes

Stripe invasion everyone! Boy oh boy, there are a lot of striped goodies that look incredibly stylish and can be mixed and matched at ease. For example, you can team your mixstripe drape tank with a super-soft shagstripe cardigan, legging jeans in chasm wash and a pair of platform sandals. Lisa says that "the trick to pairing stripes together is playing with scale."

By all means, don't be shy

"I always encourage pattern play - as long as you stay in the same color family," Lisa explains. Well, it's time for you to have fun with your styling and dare a little bit more. So, wear a lanestripe tee with a silk colortread cami dress, a perfect chambray ex-boyfriend shirt in harvest wash and a pair of lace-up oxfords.





Colorblock your tops

Forget about dull, simple tees and choose instead a silk colorblock boyshirt, the perfect silk meets a tomboy shape kind of piece. Team it with skinny high riser jeans in black frost wash and a bright-colored belt. Oh, and you could also take a cool striped backpack!

Liven up rainy days

Okay, we know that playing dress up during rainy, gray days is not the most pleasant thing to do. Still, you have to cheer up and liven up your wardrobe! Think a striped miniskirt worn with a bowbell tee and a pair of colored old-school wellies. "Everything in this look is graphic - the oversized bow, the stripes, the bright boots - that's why it works so well," Lisa says.

Get loud with the accessories

Yes, we know that you are totally aware of the important role accessories have in your wardrobe. And it is true indeed. The stylist's tip is to "start out with a low-key tee dress and get creative with bold accessories." The best example? Take a flirty little black dress and wear it with a pair of happy printed socks and platform sandals.

Color your cords

We are pretty head over heels with those red skinny ankle cords! But how can we wear them? Lisa tells us how. "Maritime stripes and colored pants pair perfectly - adding a silk boyshirt underneath keeps things off-center." Therefore, wear your notice-me-now pants with a pencil-stripe pullover, a soft silk boyshirt and a pair of mini-wedges.





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