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How to Style a Chic Chestnut Bun


Okay you girls, are you ready to try a new, super-chic hairstyle? Arm yourself with a little patience and add a glam touch to your looks creating a simple chestnut bun. It only takes an instant and the result is amazing! Check it out!

Joanna Goddard's hair tutorials are always so inspirational! If you are a stylish girl looking for a great way to dress up your tresses, you should definitely try this oh-so-chic chestnut bun! Why? Because it is easy and quick to achieve at home, with the minimum amount of effort and it doesn't require special skills or professional tools and products. Second, it is simple yet adds a sophisticated and super-refined touch to your looks. Beautiful with a special glam feeling, this 'do is definitely a smart choice!

Start by brushing and detangling your hair. Make a high ponytail securing it with an elastic band. To make sure your chestnut bun is perfectly placed and secured, the band should be rather tight but not too close to the scalp. Next, create a hole behind the elastic loosing a little and separating your hair into two sections.

Now, it's time for the magic trick! Flip your hair from the bottom up and through the hole you made. Yes, up through the hole! Keep in mind this important step! You can also use a Topsy Tail tool for a cleaner and smoother finish!


So, now we can start having fun and create the chestnut bun! Once you have arrived at this stage, you can choose to take medium-sized sections and backcomb your hair for extra-volume, or, you can leave your hair rather natural and carefree. It's up to you!

Next, brush the ponytails and grab the end looping it under and pin it using some bobby pins. You can also secure the ends of your pony with an elastic or if your hair is super long, you may have to wrap the ends around your hand a few times before you tuck it under.

Well, now your sexy, versatile bun is almost finished! At this stage, you just have to keep pinning the sides at the bottom of the bun until it feels secure. Remember to shape your bun while gripping it into place! Finally, fix your chic style with some hairspray. Easy as saying 'fab'!!!

This fantastic 'do is an at-hand choice because it is so versatile and looks incredibly stylish and sophisticated for both casual or formal occasions. Even brides-to-be should take into consideration the chestnut bun as a great option for the big day. It's elegant and feminine, adding a timeless beauty and a special finesse. So, take a peek at this tutorial, forget complicated and elaborated 'dos and get ready to revolutionize your style! It only takes a few minutes and a little bit of patience! 


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