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Jennifer Aniston Goes B*aless (Photo)


This new Jennifer Aniston movie "We're the Millers" is probably the best thing to happen to the "Friends" star's style radar in a long time.

We've always loved Jen's minimal and clean fashion sense, but she's been off the publicity wheel for a few years now (read: not doing as many red carpets.) But lucky for us, Aniston's starring in more movies these days, including "We're the Millers," which is affording her the opp to slip into some unexpected costumes. Not only did the 43-year-old actress get dowd-ified in a pair of baggy khakis and frumpy bangs the last time photogs caught her on set, but on Thursday she cozied into a WAY more revealing outfit.

With her hair up in a ponytail, Aniston also channeled Lindsay Lohan's tattered jorts from yesterday in a super-short pair of ripped Daisy Dukes, with pockets flying akimbo. And we couldn't help but notice -- because we do this for a living, okay -- that Aniston was sporting one of her "Friends" style signatures: the no-bra look.

In the film, Jason Sudeikis plays a pot dealer who hires Aniston's prostitute character as his fake wife. Perhaps the movie will have a new audience of those who watched Rachel Green all those years just to glimpse Jennifer's sexy outfits.

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