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Olivia Munn Phone Hacked Private Photos Leaked.

Personal photos of Olivia Munn in lingerie were supposedly leaked today. Shots include her in pink lingerie, a black bra, a white bra, a pink bikini, a v-neck and a fully nude photo. It looks like she was sending these to her boyfriend Chris Pine but a more real possibility is some pervy dude captioned these himself.

Sources say some of the shots are real and just came from her blog and Twitter. However, they claim the ones where you can’t see her face including the nude shot (NSFW here) is fake (despite photo comparisons suggesting the contrary, it’s seemingly the same bathroom). Apparently a girl with Olivia’s body type is taking photos and trying to pass them off as her. *Rolls eyes*

That’s… interesting. So the excuse Olivia’s camp is going with is she has an evil twin. Points for originality I guess. Is her name Carlita Munn?

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