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Tyson Beckford S*x Tape Surfaces


Tyson Beckford can add his name to the long list of celebrities that have experienced a s*x tape scandals.

According to a recent report by TMZ, the former Polo model can allegedly be seen pleasuring himself,

talking about his films and even complaining about comparisons to Tyrese Gibson while video chatting with a female model in the newly released explicit video.

A rep for Beckford is not confirming or denying the tape and stated they have yet to see the footage and can't confirm any details until that point. The 41-year-old model took it upon himself to clear up the rumors when he hoped on Twitter today (May 13) replying to the non-stop comments that have been flooding his page, but so far it's unclear if the accusations are true or not.

After one follower wrote to him saying it was too late to take back what he did Beckford replied, "don't even faze me,we all do it,just mine got caught on film. @ppinureye!" However, after that comment another fan asked bluntly if the rumor was true or not and Tyson responded, "not that I know of lol."

Only time will tell if the tape is revealed for all to see, but TMZ is already claiming that the film is being "shopped around the adult entertainment community." 

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