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John Travolta Sued for Alleged Cruise Ship S*x Request


John Travolta is being sued by a man who says the actor "embraced" him before paying him off to keep quiet.

Fabian Zanzi, a former worker on the Royal Caribbean cruise line, filed a lawsuit saying the "Grease" star requested that food be brought to his room by a steward during a seabound voyage in 2009 - after which he

allegedly asked the worker to have s*x with him once he inside the posh cabin.

According to Zanzi, Travolta first asked for a neck massage and then took off his robe and embraced him, telling the worker he was “beautiful” and saying, “Take me, I will take care of you, please.”

Zanzi says he resisted the 58-year-old and, in turn, John allegedly offered him $12,000 to keep quiet about the incident.

In response to the s*xual assault claim, Travolta's lawyer released a statement slamming the accusations, which reads in it's entirety:

“This is another ludicrous lawsuit with inane claims. It is obvious that Mr. Zanzi and his lawyers are looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

The lawsuit’s ridiculous claims are completely contradicted by what Mr. Zanzi told his employer back in 2009 when he was being disciplined for his own violations of company policy. In his handwritten report three years ago, the only physical contact he claimed occurred was allegedly touching my client’s neck. The inappropriate conduct he alleges in his lawsuit is absent from his written report he submitted at the time. That glaring omission speaks volumes. Also calling his credibility into question is his dubious allegation that his employer supposedly restrained him in a room on the cruise ship for five days, yet after that supposedly occurred, Mr. Zanzi continued to work for Royal Caribbean for years, on multiple ships. Now, after waiting three years, and after getting paid to tell his story to the media, Mr. Zanzi has filed this absurd lawsuit.

We are confident that my client will prevail on the merits and that he will be completely vindicated in court.”

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