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Listen: Michael Jackson – ‘Dont Be Messin’ Round’


Michael Jackson‘s previously unreleased demo for ‘Dont Be Messin’ Round’ premiered this weekend. In the past, only a snippet was released. The track was considered as a B-Side to his 1987 classic ‘I Just

Can’t Stop Loving You’, and surfaces to mark the celebration of Sony’s 25th Anniversary release, ‘Bad 25′ by Michael Jackson. The track, written and produced by MJ, sees the man himself having a solo piano performance on it, and making it that extra bit more special!

Here are more interesting tidbits about the track:

    “‘Dont Be Messin’ Round’ is a track that had been in the pipelines many times. It was first considered for the ‘Thriller’ album, then ‘BAD’, and then for further projects. But the version to be released is the actual mix crafted in 1987. Sound engineer Matt Forger mixed the song for the BAD 25 project and made it clear that the song will be presented AS-IS. No new parts were allowed, not even parts that were recorded after ’87 but still done under Michael’s supervision”

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