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Ex-beauty queen, model from the island of Barbados in the Caribbean Sea, and revelation of the world's record in recent years, the singer Rihanna is one of the stars tattooed currently the largest contributor to the development of tattooing as fashion accessory. The peculiarity of Rihanna's tattoos is that they are almost all very small discrete parts located in areas of the body rather original (in and behind the ears, between fingers, for example) to a large extent carried out by the tattoo artist Bang Bang.

Here is a list of tattoos for Rihanna:

- A musical note on top of the foot

- The astrological sign of the fish behind the right ear

- A star in the left ear

- A Sanskrit prayer going down along his belly from the hip. The meaning of this tattoo on your hip would be: "Sorry, Honesty, suppression and control". This is written from the Gita, a sacred Hindu text. Experts have revealed to The Sun, People magazine, that tattoo is misspelled

- The word "Love" ("love") inside the left hand, between fingers, a place on which the ink is usually rather long-term harm. Damage to its meaning, love would fade it at Rihanna like she has had with her ex Chris Brown (R & B singer who assaulted and may receive a sentence of imprisonment if it violates his probation. Some of Chris Brown's tattoos are common to those of Rihanna: tribal on hand and the stars of the neck)?

- Some shooting stars on the neck. This tattoo on the neck has been extended and is now the largest tattoo of Rihanna since the meteor trail descends almost to the middle of the back

- Two tattoos of guns on the flanks on each side, above the hips

- The word "shhh ..." tattooed on his finger (right index) is particularly glamorous and photogenic, calibrated to pose in front of the goal

- The birth date of her best friend of 11/04/1986 tattooed in Roman figures on his left shoulder has been, it seems, a reciprocal tattoo of her friend

- A small skull and crossbones pirate style on the left ankle with a pink bow

- The phrase "Never a failure, always a lesson" ("never a failure, always a lesson") tattooed in mirror writing at East Side Ink tattoo parlor in New York

- "Freedom in God" in Arabic tattoo on the side, on the left coast

- "Strength and Love": a Maori tribal tattoo on his right hand, which dates back to the wrist, it would have been tattooed in New Zealand traditionally

- Photos of Rihanna with a draft of guitar tattoo on the inside of the left forearm were circulated, but it has never been finally inked it appears you

The photos of tattoos of Rihanna, Robyn Rihanna Fenty

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