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50 Cent Scolded for 'Autistic' and 'Special Ed' Jokes


50 Cent found himself in the middle of a crossfire with fans and celebrity mom Holly Robinson Peete.

When a Twitter follower told the "In Da Club" rapper to "release the album [5] or get shot again," the hip hop star responded by writing, "yeah just saw your picture fool you look autistic."

50 Cent continued the offensive rant by following up with the tweet, "i dont want no special ed kids on my time line follow some body else," then trying to make light of the situation by posting, "just kidding about da special ed kids man, i was in special ed day said i had anger issues lol."

However, the 36-year-old's comments didn't sit well with "21 Jump Street" actress Holly Robinson Peete, who has an autistic child - as she decided to write the rapper an open letter released by Autism File magazine.

In the penning, Holly stated, "When I read (the tweet) it my heart sank. I thought maybe your account had been hacked. No such luck. You went on to joke about not wanting “special ed kids” on your timeline. Seriously, THIS is how you use your platform of 8 million plus followers??"

The 47-year-old actress - whose son, Rodney Jr, was diagnosed with autism when he was 3-years-old - added, 'I’ve met you in passing over the years and I know you are a bright, astute businessman and legitimate philanthropist so it is with a bit of sincere confusion that I ask you… Do you even know what autism is?"

Offering a few facts for the rapper, the mother of four continued, "1 in 88 have it. That’s 1 in 54 boys. Families suffer a social stigma you will never know. It is a financial and emotional drain… I hope you can see how what you might see as a benign insult-or not- was so randomly hurtful, immature and misinformed. Maybe you are naive or indifferent as to how many of your fans might be deeply and personally offended by your insult. At the very least-can you please delete it?"

Holly finished by writing, "Finally, this is my son Rodney Peete. He has autism. So I guess this is what autistic looks like? He is in special ed. He loves rap music and is a HUGE fan of yours. He’s a tremendous kid. He has to deal with so much trying to fit in. This isn’t helping."

Before eventually deciding to delete the comments, 50 Cent sent out a couple tweets in response, including, "due to negative comments im not releasing music now listen to zero instead of 10 suckers LMAO," followed up by, "you think you dont care i really dont care im rich lol" and "its gonna be quiet tomorrow ain't gonna be no music blasting tomorrow fool."

When asked if he was hacked, the rapper retweeted his response, "no i aint get hacked fool how u get a name like lil murda boy?"

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