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8 Fast Tummy Trimming Secrets


Flatten your belly with our 8 fast tummy trimming secrets! Whether you want to commit to long term goals or you want immediate results, you'll be surprised how easy it is to trim your tummy! Read on!

If you need to fit into your skinny jeans by Friday or if you need to slim down for a tight-fitting cocktail dress next month, you'll want to start some better habits right now. Here are some get-trim-quick ideas that will whittle your waist down in no time – or at least make you look thinner – in a hurry.

1. Battle the bloat

If you want to see a quick reduction in the size of your tummy, eliminate foods that cause bloating and increase your water intake. If you need to slim down within a few days, cut out foods like broccoli and asparagus and anything fried. Also, swap out all beverages for water – especially carbonated drinks, even if they're “diet.” Also stop chewing gum. The action makes you swallow more air, which can actually lead to bloating.


Cut out the booze

Beer, wine and cocktails simply add more calories to your daily intake that you may not even consider. Also, it's believed that alcohol increases your cortisone levels, and this hormone is a stress-induced hormone that causes your body to hold on to fat – especially in the tummy.


Eliminate any processed foods out of your diet. These contain tons of sodium, which will show itself right away below the belt. Also, go for more fresh fruit and veggies, but choose those that are more water-rich and are less likely to be difficult to digest. Opt for produce like celery, cucumbers, melon, citrus, watermelon and lettuce.

Fix your posture

To see a change immediately, sit or stand up straight. Pull your shoulders back, tighten up your abdominals and tuck your hips under a little bit to avoid a sway back. If you have a bit more time, add some shoulder and back weighted workouts to your weekly routine to keep your shoulders from hunching forward.


Slip on some shapewear

Yes, we know it's cheating, but if you're in a bind – bind yourself into some slimming undergarments that cinch you in at the waist, tummy, hips and thighs. You might get so inspired at how great you look with a little help that you might decide to hit the gym to achieve the look permanently.

Try Righteous Curves High Waist Tummy Shaper Pantiesicon($45)

Try some yoga

Every morning and night practice the “cat-cow” pose, which can both energize you in the morning and help you relax at night. Start on your hands and knees in a “table” position and round your back up as high as you can in the “cat” position. Drop your head so that you're looking at your legs. Reverse into the “cow” by looking up to the ceiling and letting your back arch deeply. Reverse again several times, inhaling and exhaling with the movement. You'll be surprised what this will do to trim your tummy.

Crunch time

If you've got a few days to spare, be sure you're doing your flat stomach exercises every day. Go for crunches, obliques, bicycles and plank poses at least once a day. Every little bit helps.

Pump up the cardio

Putting in at least 30 minutes twice a day until your big event will definitely make a difference in a hurry. Be sure you're getting your heart rate up with energetic walking, on the elliptical, swimming or joining a workout class at the gym. Sweating it out has the extra benefit of removing unhealthy toxins.

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