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Justin Bieber Being Sued for $9 Million Over Concertgoer's Hearing Loss


An Oregon mother is suing Justin Bieber, claiming attending one of his concerts led to her hearing loss.

Stacey Wilson Betts escorted her daughter to the Boyfriend singer's concert back in July of 2010 and now wants $9.2 million because she says his noisy antics left her ears permanently damaged.

She claims the Biebs hopped into a heart-shaped gondola and the crowd went so wild, they produced a "sound blast" of "wave like effect of screaming" that left her with ringing ears. She's also suing the show's promoters, Justin's record label Island Def Jam Records, the sound engineers and the venue owner.

Stacey says they should be held liable as it's their duty to "maintain safe decibels at all times during their events."

Hasn't she ever heard of ear plugs?

This lawsuit dovetails with the news that Justin is the second-wealthiest star under age 30 according to Forbes, with an estimated net income of $55 million.

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