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The 2 Bandits Jewelry Holiday 2013 Lookbook

Boy oh boy, these are some seriously fab goodies! Check out The 2 Bandits Holiday 2013 lookbook featuring a stunning parade of to-die-for, statement-making pieces and get ready for maximum aesthetic impact!

Statement-making? No! There is something otherworldly about this jewelry collection! Trust us, these goodies have an unparalleled aesthetic and a absolutely irresistible beauty! Well, we were definitely caught hook with The 2 Bandits Holiday 2013 lookbook featuring a stunning parade of to-die-for pieces. Have a peek and you'll certainly find something you'll just can’t wait to put on!

Tamar Wider definitely knows the importance accessories play in a girl's wardrobe. Speaking to, the designer says that the 2 Bandits girl is "free spirited and wants to set herself apart from the rest of the birds. A lot of my inspiration comes from music festivals and the southwest. I started out making patchwork clothing and hemp necklaces and selling them in the back of my car in high school on band tours. It's an amazing experience to mix your two favorite things together, music and crafts."

So, are you girls ready to have some fun trying some of the coolest accessories? The 2 Bandits Holiday 2013 collection includes loads of outstanding accessories such as necklaces, rings, earrings, belts, charms and boot trim characterized by a southwestern and north American vibe combined with a special vintage elegance and bohemian charm.

It seems that for the Holiday 2013 line, besides using local materials, Tamar is partnering up with Nest and therefore trying to give back to the Guatemalan community. "I love the nest team! I am still in the developmental process with the Guatemalan artisans on the design front. It looks like there will be some amazing tassels coming your way though," the designer says.

What about the future? "I would love for the 2 Bandits to become an internationally recognized brand and am working towards that every day, constantly evolving but staying true to the elements that make the collection what it is," Wider told

So, we all agree that The 2 Bandits pieces are some of the hottest pieces hitting the web lately! But, are you wondering what's the story behind the brand's name?

"It all started with craft nights while living in NYC. We weren't trying to start a business but rather make accessories to compliment our clothing. While watching Martin Scorsese's documentary, The Last Waltz, over and over again, I was so inspired by the wardrobe and overall vibe of the film. The name, The 2 Bandits, comes from the band, The Band. I'm so inspired by the lives of Van Morrison, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Robbie Robertson, Bob Dylan, and all the others in the documentary. If you haven't seen it, please do - it's a life changer," Tamar reveals. 

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