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How to Make Movember Mustache Nail Art


Are you girls ready to try some super-cute and flirty nail designs? Well, just have a nosey at these lovely Movember mustache nail designs and have fun creating these beauties!

Awww!!! These nails are achingly lovely indeed! If you are looking for a quick and easy way to add some attitude to your nails, this design is definitely a great choice. Besides, mustaches are so trendy right now! Well, and when you think it only takes an instant to create them. With the minimum of effort and a toothpick you can too make this fun and pretty nail art! So, arm yourself with patience and let's start! For inspiration, check out this tutorial posted by Cutepolish!

First of all, paint your nails with a soft pink polish. If you want something more daring, you can also try a brighter color or even a chic French manicure! It's up to you! Wait a few minutes until the nail polish is dry and then you can begin creating those cute mustaches.

Now, using a toothpick or any dotting tool and a black nail polish, make two black dots in the center. Next, create two smaller dots on either sides of your center dots.

Well, now it's time to connect the bigger dot with the smaller one with a curved line. Then connect the top of the dots with another curved line. Pretty cool, isn't it?

Fill in the side of the mustache with the tooth pick using a stippling motion. Create the other side of the mustache using the same technique, add a top coat and you're ready to go! Don't be discouraged from the very first attempt and try again if the result is not the one you wanted. It's definitely worth it!

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