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Eva Longoria reveals the secret to her perfect body


Eva incorporated exercise with her strict diet.

Eva Longoria has a stunning body, gorgeous hair and is newly single - but has opened up about what really keeps her looking hot.

Radar Online report the ‘Desperate Housewives’ star revealed how she keeps her fabulous figure and why her new job as the spokesperson for Pepsi Next is so great.

Speaking about how she achieves a toned body, she revealed: “I work hard.

“I work out almost every day with a personal trainer. I eat really well. I did a diet for two months of no sugar, nothing that turns into sugar, no added sugar, no sugar and I got really fit. Now as I’m incorporating sugar back into my life I still want to be conscious of putting them into my body.”

She explained why she’s promoting the new soda revealing: “I was so excited when Pepsi asked me to launch this new product.  It is so unique and so right for this time where everybody is a little more conscious of sugar intake. It is a ground breaking soda with real soda taste and 60 percent less sugar.”

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