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6 Summer Weight Loss Secrets


The bikini/pool-party season is just around the corner. Sculpt your silhouette with our guide of 6 summer weight loss secrets that really work.

Prepare for the summer with a well-sculpted silhouette. Use the following 6 weight loss secrets to get rid of a few extra pounds and get in top shape. Control your appetite and cravings by making the healthiest food options. Use time-tested methods to make small but efficient changes in your nutritional regime.

1. Skip Sauces and Spreads in Your Burger

Save hundreds of precious calories by skipping the high-fat sauces and spreads in your burger. Avoid mayonnaise and ketchup to get rid of extra pounds in the quickest time. Use this simple slimming trick to get used to a healthy meal plan.


2. Low Calorie Cheese Pizza

For lunch you can opt for a slice of a low calorie cheese pizza instead of a slice packed with pepperoni and other fatty ingredients.

Get slimmer with the help of protein and downsize the amount of red meat you consume. In order to have a guilt-free launch make sure the pizza is loaded with low-fat mozzarella or other diet-friendly cheese types.

3. Swap Buttered Veggies for Steamed Ones

Make this smart food substitution in order to trim calories in your diet plan. Shed extra pounds without food deprivation by opting for more steamed meals and vegetables instead of eating buttered or fried ingredients. Get used to this slimming habit and ditch high-fat ingredients for a dream silhouette.

4. Whole-Wheat Pasta Salads

Combine whole-wheat pasta with raw or cooked veggies and low-fat dressings made of Greek yogurt or other diet-friendly ingredients. Use fresh herbs and balsamic vinegar to add an ambrosial aroma to your pasta meals. Replace one high-fat meal with a similar slimming salad to see the amazing effect of this weight loss strategy on your figure and health condition.

5. Low-Calorie Fruit and Chocolate Dessert

If you're an incurable chocoholic, it's time to find the best dessert options which suit your slimming plan. First, grab a tiny chunk of bittersweet chocolate and place it into a bowl then let it melt in the microwave for a few seconds. The next step is to dip strawberries, bananas and other types of fruits into the chocolate and put them aside until the snacks dry. Enjoy your guilt-free meal each time you have problems controlling your sugar cravings.

6. Grilled Mushrooms Instead of Meat

Diet experts offer you the secret to get rid of extra pounds without exercising. Choose grilled portobello mushroom to save up to 220 calories and reduce meat consumption. These healthy ingredients are rich in protein and extremely low in calories. Prepare a delicious sandwich using whole-grain bagels, mushrooms and other healthy vegetables. 


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