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How to Break Bad Diet Habits


Make dieting easier by making sure that you thinj through the most common obstacles and come with a suitable strategy. Implement some of the following techniques for improving your chances of success.

One of the main reasons dieting proves so hard on most of us is that it often requires major shifts in our behavior. Sudden shifts in behavior rarely have the prove easy, which is why the process takes quite a toll on our willpower. Learning to adjust along the way is essential and having a few strategies to make things flow more easily is extremely important in order to maximize result. Apply some of the following strategies for improving your habits:

Frequent Snacking

With all the positive connotations that frequent snacks have gotten lately, it's fairly easy to make this a strong part of your day and consequently overdo it, which can really sabotage your efforts rather than helping the process. Stick to max 2 snacks with a calorie range between 100 and 300 calories. Rather opting for delicious sweets that make it hard to stop when necessary. Opt for wholesome food that will also offer satiety not only a temporary sense of satisfaction.

Weekend Rebel

After being 'good' for five days, it can be hard to resist the urge to celebrate with delicious treats. Avoiding to do so, however, will make you 1.5 more likely to stay within 5 pounds of your desired weight goal. This is true even if the habits aren't exactly perfect to begin with. Limiting alcohol during weekends is a great step in the right direction as it packs more calories than one might think.


Mindless Eating

It can be extremely easy to reward yourself for going through a tough day. Doing so, however, can easily translate into lots of wasted time for remorse and unwanted pounds. Identifying strategies to cope with the inevitable downfalls that will occur and finding different ways to fulfill the real need, whether we are talking about avoiding boredom or connecting with someone rather than automatically reaching for a food substitution.

Speed eating

We're leading a fast-paced life and automating some things makes a lot of sense. When it comes to eating, however, doing things the old fashioned way is best. While not always easy, steering clear of finger foods is a great step forward to really help you make a shift in your habits. Furthermore, making sure you need to use the fork and other utensils can diminish the calorie intake of a meal by 10% effortlessly, according to some studies.


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