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New Pedicure Ideas for Summer


Your stylish flip flops or sexy high heel sandals have to be paired with a chic and stylish pedicure to look amazing! If you're looking for an fun pedicure design for summer, take a peek at the following designs and draw inspiration for your next pedi session!

If you haven't been paying attention to your pedicure lately, this has got to change as perfectly polished toenails are a symbol of elegance and their style boosting powers are irrefutable. A true fashionista knows the importance of pedicure and if you're into DIY toe nail art, turn towards some pedicure ideas to get your nails looking fantastic.

Obviously, simple colored nails just don't cut it anymore if you're all about underlining your style, fashion forward personality and uniqueness, but if you're not willing to spend tens of dollars on a cool salon pedi, you can polish your skills and learn the techniques that will enable you to create a lovely pedicure with ease. It's amazing what a little bit of ingenuity and the right tools and products can do, so grab on to your favorite lacquers, stock-up on glitter, nail art add-ons, a dotting tool and have a clear top coat on standby so you can polish your tippy toes to perfection.


Glitzy glam toenails look hot and this season they couldn't be more appropriate. Judging by the abundance of glitter hues out there choosing the perfect nuance to match your skin tone and personality will not be difficult. If you're into glitter, you'll be swept-off-your-feet by the sizzling pigments, so grab on to your favorite hues regardless of their size. 

Go for fine glitter dust, glitter flakes or glitter nail polish as either way the effects will be similar and hot. Apply a simple colored nail polish and spice up the design by either tracing out soft lines with glitter or by adding glitter to the polish (while it is still wet if you're using glitter dust) to make the color sizzle under the light. Go glitter on all the nails, on the tip of the nails, at the base of the nails or just add glitter on every other toenail as the possibilities are numerous and each look is totally different.


Fashion trends influence the nail art scene also, so no wonder that
exotic prints and pretty polka dots are at the top of the must-try nail
art designs in both manicure and pedicure. To create a sizzling leopard
print, you can go traditional with the colors or you can amp up the fun
factor by sporting intense summery pigments such as pink. Apply some
cool contrasting color dots on the nail polish you've applied as base
after it dried and use a nail art brush or a nail art pen to create
small 'c' lines randomly flanking the dots to avoid symmetry. If you're
looking for a cool dotted nail art design, you're in for a treat as
these pretty polka dots are a delight to create and wear. Use a dotting
tool or a toothpick dipped in nail polish and dot the nails to
perfection or go even hotter and add rhinestones over your still wet
nail polish to make your digits look fit for a diva.

The must haves in the nail art scene are add-ons which not only help
boost the sophistication of the nail, but also help achieve a stylish
mani/pedi with less effort. Rhinestones, stickers, 3D accessories,
pearls, lace are only a few details that can make your pedi look
salon-fresh instantly. Lace applications, bows, flowers, gold
accessories are the most popular nail art accessories this season, so
give them all a try and make your pedi steal the spotlight from day to

To prolong the life of your pedicure design and intensify the shine
factor, use a clear top coat and wait for it to dry before you proceed
to rocking your cool pedi in your best pair of sandals.


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