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George Clooney: Out On Bail From Jail

Enjoying the perks of freedom following a few hours in the slammer, George Clooney posted bond and has since been released from police custody.

As previous reported by Gossipcenter, the "Ides of March" star was arrested earlier today (March 16), during a planned protest Sudanese Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Clooney and 17 others were cuffed after failing to leave the premises of the private property - continually voicing dismay about that country's treatment of its people, despite warnings from authorities.

After being bailed out of jail for a mere $100, George joked about being locked up, telling press the experience was "Really rough you can imagine ... Have you ever been in a cell with these guys?"

"It is on my permanent record. And you know that that picture's going to be all over everything," he added.

The actor got a bit more serious when prodded about his issue with the Sudanese government, noting, "Listen, what we've been trying to achieve today is we're trying to bring attention to an ongoing emergency. Our job right now is to try to bring attention to it, and one of those ways was, apparently, get arrested."

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