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Pic: Rihanna Admits Crush On Cheryl Cole


At this point, nothing Rihanna says surprises us anymore, but we have to admit we're slightly amused by comments she recently made about her current celebrity crush.

Because Rihanna is n*de more often than she is clothed these days, it's again unsurprising that the singer is t*pless on the July cover of Esquire UK. In a new interview with the magazine the 24-year-old confesses that she has a big crush on British pop star Cheryl Cole.

"Ooh! Cheryl Cole is hot. I would just like to watch her work. Preferably cleaning things on the floor. Picking up stuff on the floor. Bending over," she told the magazine. "She’s hot!" she continued. "I mean, literally... she’s so beautiful.”

Rihanna seems to be crushing on Cole, but the admiration might not be mutual. The 28-year-old British pop star has been sending mixed messages about her feelings for Rihanna, first telling the British version of GQ that she loves that Rihanna "doesn't give two f**ks" and calling her a "perfect pop star." That sounds like high praise, but days later Cole called the "We Found Love" singer a "free spirit" in reference to her frequent outbursts on Twitter -- and didn't exactly mean it as a compliment.

"[Rihanna] doesn't care if she calls somebody a c**t on Twitter, but there are 12-year-old girls on there," Cole told Attitude magazine.

Though the two singers are friends, Rihanna hasn't been known to deal well with criticism.


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