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Stacy Keibler Shares Diet and Fitness Tips with SHAPE Magazine


Stacy Keibler sits down for a chat with SHAPE magazine. George Clooney's girlfriend shares some of her diet and fitness secrets. Check out her interview.

Stacy Keibler sits down for a chat with SHAPE and shares some of her diet secrets and reveals how she manages to stay fit, even when she travels! From Barry's Bootcamp to Pilates, she also talks to the magazine about all the different workouts she does to stay slim and sexy.

"Health, fitness and wellness have been a very big part of my life. So, it's my lifestyle. If I'm not working out, I have to balance it out and eat a little cleaner that day. I eat as organic as I can. I think that portion control is very important, but I also think in everything in moderation. So I'm not the girl who's gonna tell you that I never have a little bit of dessert or I don't have a glass of wine," George Clooney's girlfriend says.


Speaking about her fitness routine, the 32-year-old actress and model says that, "I get bored easily so I love to switch it up. I will do everything. I will hike, I will run the stairs wherever I am, I will find some outdoor activity to do. I have a trainer. I do Pilates. I like to change it up. I like to work my whole body and also keep my mind stimulated."

When it comes to workout motivation, Stacy believes that it is important to make fitness a habit. Just like drinking water. "When I'm really busy and I'm working and I can't get to the gym, like, you start slacking a bit, so you have to really get in that groove."

What about staying in shape while on the road? The stunning blonde says that she carries "a bag full of bands, Bootcamp DVDs, things that I can modify, that I can do anywhere."

For Kiebler, moderation is the key. If there is a dessert, "I will have a bite or two but I won't have the whole thing. It's about being conscious about what's going on so you can balance it out the next day."

The best type of dance for the body? "I think that dance is such a great workout, you burn so many calories and I think it's a really fun way to work out," Stacy told SHAPE. For gorgeous, sculpted legs, Stacy recommends squats and lunges.

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