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Nailease 3D Diamante Nail Wraps


Glam nails are always landing the highest dose of attention, so amp-up the glam factor of your nails by turning towards the easiest solution to fab nails: nail art wraps. UK label Nailease's 3D Diamante nail art wraps deliver the perfect dose of flawless sophistication with each application, so check out the brand's easy to use designs and pick your favorites!

When it comes to a fabulous style, perfectly polished nails are a necessity, but fear not, the new nail art techniques and products developed can make polishing your nails to perfection a breeze. One of the nail art products that can make the nails exude sophistication every time, nail art wraps, deliver a symmetric perfection without too much fuss, so if you're ready to revamp your mani, take a peek at the following nail wraps signed Nailease. The brand's 3D Diamante nail wraps pose as the perfect solution to glam nails regardless if you're skilled or not when it comes to nail art as these products come in individually cut wraps that feature various prints and which adhere to the nail to deliver instant results. No special skill or drying time required, just the nail art wraps and a few minutes for application, and voila! Salon-fresh looking nails that are bound to steal the spotlight from day to evening.


When it comes to the application process, things couldn't get any easier. Push cuticles back, buff and cleanse the nails using alcohol (if possible) to enhance adherence and select the Nailease nail wrap size that suits each individual nail. Peel the nail wrap and apply gently the wrap with the rounded size at the base of the nail. Smooth down the nail wrap without trapping any air and fold the excess wrap under the nail o provide a perfect cover. File using downward motions to remove the excess wrap at the tip and enjoy your fabulous looking nail art.

Apart from the easy application process and the numerous fab nail art wrap designs, Nailease's nail wraps can also be slightly adjusted to suit the length and width of your nail. At room temperature, slightly pull on the sheet in the direction you wish to stretch the nail wrap and then set as instructed.

When it comes to removal, use a nail polish remover and strip the nails off the nail wrap before you choose the next nail wrap to make your nails shine to perfection.

The brand's 3D Diamante nail wraps feature glamor details such as glitter details and rhinestone shine effects that will capture everyone's attention. The color palette is incredibly diverse, so you can easily find the perfect style and color to complete your look. From black to white, pink and green hues featuring various cool prints such as exotic prints, flowers and cool dots, the sky is the limit when it comes to your digits, so check these fab designs and find out if they are the perfect option to polishing your nails to perfection!

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