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Nadya Suleman Says She Is Not 'Intimate' With New Boyfriend


After a string of admittedly poor decisions and bad luck, Nadya "Octomom" Suleman, the mother of 14 children, tells me her life is back on track -- especially her love life with Frankie Grageda, her 23-year-old amateur bodybuilder boyfriend of two months.

“Things are going great with Frankie. I enjoy having him around. He has brought a new light in my life,” says Suleman. “We don't get much time alone, but with me, any kind of relationship must include my kids. He loves the kids and likes me just the way I am. I really like all those things about him. He loves church, and we share the same values.”

Suleman says her children all adore her boyfriend, especially the older ones.

“He takes the older ones to Disneyland and paintball. The babies love him. He jumps on the trampoline with them,” explains Octomom.

Nonetheless, she says, “We are taking it very slow. He is very special to me. With me, just going on a date is serious. He is into everything I'm into. We both love to work out; he has me on a strict diet.”

Nadya will be stripping at The Playhouse in Hollywood, Fla., on July 13 and will take her boyfriend along as she promotes her new solo s*x tape, "Octomom Home Alone," which will be released the following day on DVD. Although she is clearly comfortable with Grageda seeing her performances, she says she has not yet been intimate with him.

“No, we have not been intimate -- we have barely shared kisses,” she confesses. “I think it will be a long time if and when that happens.”

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