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Watch: Rihanna, Jay-Z perform ‘Run This Town’ at Radio 1′s Hackney

Rihanna-Jay-Z-perform-Run-This-Town-at Radio-1′s-Hackney

Rihanna reunited with her mentor Jay-Z last night at Radio 1′s Hackney Weekend. The pair opened Jay-Z’s smashing headlining set with ‘Run This Town’. Jay-Z may have the face of somebody’s Grandpa (well, my mum was HIS age when she became a Grandmother), and he may still dress like he’s still 20, but he showed

the entire world just why he is thee legendary rapper. Jiggaman did his thang with levels of swag through the roof. Rihanna’s vocals have improved but she still cant hit all the right notes. Granted, it was not her best vocal but she looked hot and pulled it off.

Rapper M.I.A comes on and her mic screws up a bit, but she still delivered a blast and boy, wasn’t Beyonce enjoying it? Then Kanye West shows up, and they do the ‘Watch The Throne’ tour set essentially for free. Concertgoers that paid must be pissed, but Beyonce stanning for her man was really cute to me. She was wilding out, and even participated in a mosh pit at the end!

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