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Jay-Z gives Rihanna ultimatum: Go to rehab or be dropped


The rapper has allegedly told the singer to get help with her partying or he will be forced to cut her from his label.

Jay-Z has apparently given Rihanna an ultimatum – go into rehab or get off my record label. 

The rapper is said to have grown tired of Rihanna’s constant partying, which has seen her out until early hours before concerts, visiting strip clubs and being hospitalised for exhaustion. 

The singer has allegedly been warned that she will be dropped from the label if she does not seek help to calm herself down. 

A source told Closer Magazine, “Rihanna has been out of control for months. She was supposed to catch a flight back to the UK last week, but she ended up missing it, which was the final straw for management.

“Jay-Z hit the roof when he found out, and told Rihanna, 'Go to rehab now or I'll drop you from the label.' She's not happy, but she now feels she has no choice.”

The singer tweeted that she had been given the day off to recover recently, but the source went on to say that she requires much more than just a day. 

“She's reached breaking point. Ri says she's physically and mentally exhausted and feeling lost. I think she desperately needs help and some time off - not just from work but from all the other stresses in her life too.”

They were referring to her stress and upset over her grandmother’s cancer battle. 

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